Our Honey

Our honey marks the essence of quality and we are set to be award winning for the raw state and naturalness of our soulful honey. We like to bring those traditional methods of beekeeping, where the process is solely handcrafted with love, attention and patience from genuine caring beekeepers.

From the moment it is harvested from rugged terrains of the upper North Island, to the time our beekeepers carefully hand seal each and every jar of honey, the purity is never compromised and the fruition of our craft is then only experienced by our customers.

Our Quality

              What makes Manuka Love honey so authentic?

  • Cold pressed. Our honey is not heated or pasteurised above 47 degrees, as this can damage the quality of the honey.
  • Single origin honey. Each batch of honey comes from a single source as we do not mix or blend our honey.
  • We don’t aggressively micro filter our honey as this removes much of the natural pollen and wax. We don’t compromise the natural enzymes of our honey and we enjoy giving the extra attention and labour to bring out the purest in taste.
  • Raw & unadulterated. Manuka Love honey is raw and full flavoured, straight from the comb of each hive. We would like our customers to experience the endlessly thrilling and diverse flavours that Manuka Love honey brings.
  • Best practise bee keeping. All of our bee keepers adhere to ethical practises centred on the natural, sustainable and eco-friendly production of honey. For instance, none of our hives are fed with sugar. We leave honey in the hive for the bees to feed on over the winter.
  • Traceability & transparency. Each batch of honey is documented and traced from the hive to your table.


  • Raw, exotic, rare honey flavours each characteristically influenced by distinct locations of the North Island, remotely hidden in our sacred, sub-tropical and remote forests where nature is as pure as the water that runs through its valleys.
  • Our honey is scattered from the Waitakere’s to the Bay of Islands. The Manuka hives are accessed by 4WD trucks or occasionally helicoptered in and out due to the rugged bushy terrain. Our beekeepers share not just their prided honey, but also an intimate passion for the breath-taking scenery they live on.